Changing the landscape of your business to fit the world of now.

Founded by Bassem Elghawaby, Grassroots multimedia was an idea that has been several years in the making and came to fruition in late 2014. We are a creative digital agency that helps clients with partnerships, events, and marketing solutions.

Staying ahead of the curve.

Grassroots was infused with and born out of an ethos of continuous learning, a commitment to education, and personal and team development.  The company sees it as imperative to stay atop and ahead of current and emerging trends in digital media and communications.

Bassem Elghawaby

Founder, Grassroots Multimedia

It’s an exciting time to be a professional in the digital communication space and I’m encouraged by the other entrepreneurs, professionals, companies, and organizations I’ve had the honor of working with over the past few years.

Continuous learning from others, using tools, strategies, and assisting people in how to be heard, make an impact, and be profitable in a digital world is what I’ve been focused on.

Through my ability and track record of building and fostering deep relationships across industries, academia, and on an individual level, I have been able to listen, learn, and grow first, and from that make connections between people, their ideas, and objectives to deliver results and growth in profitable and personal/organizational development ways. I have taken the lessons of being an entrepreneur and digital marketer working on various projects into what has shaped into the role of assisting other companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals by being a coach and consultant to them.

The primary expertise I offer is in digital marketing for client brands and in-depth certifications to those who would like to become digital superstars.

Wassim Abdul Khalek

Partner, Grassroots Multimedia

I have always been passionate about creating content that educates and entertains the audience. Having graduated from mechanical engineering I learned to combine both analytical and creative thinking and help clients create and curate content that speaks to the right audience. 

In addition, I became a partner in a video production company in Montreal where I work as a digital marketer / content creator. By working with the team on field while the filming is happening and by video editing, I learned a lot about videography and the art of creating exceptional content. 

Lastly, for the past two years I have generated creative ideas, wrote scripts, acted, filmed, edited and published weekly Comedy sketches on social media (@kwakmedia). I went from 0 to 10,710 followers on Instagram in almost one year with videos reaching up to 15,000 views on our channel and up to 250,000 views on other established Instagram / Facebook channels.