Share Your Story

Storytelling is at the heart of Grassroots Multimedia. Strip away the tools and analytics and tricks of the trade, and the core of a brand is the tale it has to tell. We take pride in, and are humbled by, the opportunities we get to share your stories with the world, in a way that resonates with who you are, and how your audience connects with you. 

Staying ahead of the curve.

Grassroots was infused with and born out of an ethos of continuous learning, a commitment to education, and personal and community development.  The company sees it as imperative to stay atop and ahead of current and emerging trends in digital media and communications.

Bassem Elghawaby

Founder, Grassroots Multimedia

Who am I? I am a passionate entrepreneur and the founder of Grassroots Multimedia, where storytelling lies at the heart of everything we do. My journey into entrepreneurship was fueled by the belief that stories have the power to transform lives and create meaningful connections. With every project we undertake, we aim to help our clients achieve their goals and amplify their impact.

How do I help my clients achieve their goals? My mission is to share your stories with the world in a way that deeply resonates with both you and your audience. I take immense pride in the opportunities I get to collaborate with clients, empowering them to have their voices heard and their messages understood. Whether it’s advancing a cause, showcasing a life’s work, scaling a business’s impact and revenue, or any other ambition, I am driven to lead my company in helping our clients achieve the rewarding results they desire.

What is my story? In March of 2023, I accomplished a lifelong dream when I published my poetic memoir, “Solemn Stream.” This book, a compilation of 25 years of lived experiences, fearlessly delves into the realms of mental health, bullying, faith, creativity, and personal development. The launch event was held at a client’s co-working and events space, where I stood before familiar and new faces, sharing my journey with vulnerability and pride. This transformative experience further solidified my commitment to help others tell their stories and make a genuine impact on the world.

As an entrepreneur, I have had the privilege of working with a talented team of multimedia storytellers who share my passion for authentic communication. Together, we possess the expertise to reach your audience in a profound way, making them see and understand the essence of what you do, why you do it, and how you can help them.

If you have a dream for your own story or your business’s narrative, I invite you to reach out to me at Let’s embark on this journey together and breathe life into your vision. Together, we can create that tingling feeling of connection and resonance that I experienced when sharing my life story. I am eager to hear from you and excited to help your story come to life.


Yahya Syed

Creative Director, Grassroots Multimedia

As a multimedia storyteller, intersectionality is at the core of my creative philosophy, and a quintessential element while crafting a brand strategy that is representative of the clients and the audiences they want to connect with. I enjoy collaborative conceptualising and ideation, with an aim to bring something unique yet relatable to the table, with transformative empathy at its core, all through mostly a show, not tell approach. 

I believe in the interplay of the macro and the micro – be it how different media communicate the overall message or how the various parts of a brand overlap. This is best represented in the metaphor of the beehive. Worker bees, under a pre-coded formula, head out into the wild to collect nectar from numerous flowers and bring their unique offerings into an ordered hive to create a singular, balanced product.

With degrees in Mass Communication, Journalism, and Public Relations, I have had adventures in both B2B and B2C sectors. As a cultural nomad, I have professionally made camps in non-profits (community, political, sports, arts, sciences, and mental health), tech startups, education, entertainment, immigration, publishing, film industries, and digital marketing agencies.

I have been a conduit for stories chiefly through words (ghostwriting, copy-writing, long-form, and short-form blogging, magazine and newspaper articles, Op-Eds, press releases, non-fiction and fiction novel writing, screenwriting, lyrics, and poetry), visual media (event, studio, portrait, brand, and conceptual photography + short film, documentary, and ad film-making + graphic design & illustration), networking (event organisation, coordination, management + emceeing), social media (management, coordination, monitoring, and content creation), and technical work (editing, proofreading, and working as a crew on film sets).

My motto is learning, always, and I look forward to being part of your brand story.

Wassim Abdul Khalek

Advisor, Grassroots Multimedia

I have always been passionate about creating content that educates and entertains the audience. Having graduated from mechanical engineering I learned to combine both analytical and creative thinking and help clients create and curate content that speaks to the right audience. 

In addition, I became a partner in a video production company in Montreal where I work as a digital marketer / content creator. By working with the team on field while the filming is happening and by video editing, I learned a lot about videography and the art of creating exceptional content. 

Lastly, for the past two years I have generated creative ideas, wrote scripts, acted, filmed, edited and published weekly Comedy sketches on social media (@kwakmedia). I went from 0 to 10,710 followers on Instagram in almost one year with videos reaching up to 15,000 views on our channel and up to 250,000 views on other established Instagram / Facebook channels. 




Pawsisstant, Grassroots Multimedia

I provide the most important emotional assistance to the humans of Grassroots Multimedia.

I also attend client meetings to bring joy to every call and make my presence known with a polite nod to the camera.

My hourly rate is one catnip treat or one tube of creamy treat per project. I also accept head pats as bonuses.

 I am the friendliest pawsisstant you will meet, and once you know me, you will never again want to leave.