Bassem is a hard working and dedicated marketer with a passion for digital marketing. He was one of the organizers for Digicom Ottawa conference in March 2015. Since I was a speaker at the conference, Bassem made sure everything was running smoothly. It was really great working with him. Karl Clement

VP of Engineering , CoVenture VC

Bassem was a fellow student during Algonquin College’s Mobile and Social Media Management program (2013-2014). He recruited me in the final semester for an internship with the ADAO (Anxiety Disorders Association of Ontario). All the other students took the option to work alone or for a business/company, but Bassem was able to bring me and another student on board through his vision of helping out a non-profit organization, allowing us to sharpen our skills and implement our collective knowledge, taking on a focused project management role.

Even before graduation, he was planning to launch a start-up company, called Grassroots Multimedia and approached the two of us in the project to join him because he had seen potential, commitment and loyalty in us. Since then, I have worked with Bassem on multimedia projects with the Ottawa Tea Festival and an original conference by Grassroots Multimedia called Digicom Ottawa, which had over 70 attendees. He is a good person to work with and cares about the personal development of those around him.

When he knew that I was looking for extra income, he referred me and helped me get a position to work in the 2016 holiday season as a Menswear Sales Associate at the Hudson Bay Company. He has also referred me to a current client I’m working with, for which he couldn’t continue with himself, as he took on other more intensive contracts. Finally, I have also done work with him on a recent Grassroots Multimedia client project of building a membership website using the platform Everlesson, and redoing a website using a tool called Igloo. This was for a client who is an entrepreneurial and personal development coach, professor, and author. He encouraged me to take a 2-day intensive coaching training along with him and others, and I’m glad I did.

For these and other reasons, I would recommend Bassem in the role of a digital marketing coach and consultant or related discipline, and would be happy to answer any further questions you have about him.

Aaron Nava

Former Designer at Grassroots Multimedia

I worked with Bassem and his team during my time at the 2014 Ottawa Tea Festival. We worked together on several large and small scale projects ranging from social media material to creating actual video footage. He was punctual, thoughtful and provided deliverables on time. He was always a pleasure to speak and work with, and definitely contributed to the success of the festival.

Jessica Lahrkamp

Member Services Representative, Meridian Credit Union